I had this dream where I was looking at internet memes with people. The only one I remember had 3 square pictures in a stack. The top one was some white guy, probably in his 40s, wading through some fairly calm ocean water in shorts and a t-shirt, a typical beach day somewhere. He’s looking distractedly off at some off-camera angle.

The middle frame was a first person picture of someone going down a dark, scary waterfall like at the beginning of a “Land of the Lost” episode. Sort of a Six Flags water ride but in a very dark place and lined with jagged rocks.

In the bottom frame, it was the original picture again, but the guy was now surrounded by toddlers in swimming suits standing around him as far as the eye could see. Hundreds, if not thousands. Big, white “meme letters” at the bottom of the image said YOU’RE A GRAMPA NOW.

We laughed a lot at this and then looked at some other good ones that I no longer remember. None of us looking thought it was talking about us personally being the ‘grampa,’ it was just a funny joke that I don’t get now that I’m awake. In the distant future when I may actually be a grandfather I imagine it will happen differently.

For all I know, this is actually a hot new Justin Bieber song that I heard somewhere and all the cool kids are doing some version of this because it was in some video but I never really noticed it, and maybe I’ve even seen them walking down the hall and going, “You’re a grampa now,” to each other and doing appropriate frown-nods in response. Probably not, though.