The latest style, I guess?

The car thermometer said it’s 13 degrees out; regardless of the accuracy, it’s clearly cold.

As we drove by, I noticed that two out of the four the kids at the high school bus stop were in shorts and short sleeves. When I pulled up to the school and got in the line to drop off, there were several more gradeschoolers and middleschoolers in shorts and short sleeves. A month ago, when it was still in the 50s in the morning, some kids seemed to enjoy digging out the winter gear and were inappropriately bundled up and sporting cool anime hats and such, and now that it’s actually cold they’re in shorts.

I asked my kid if she had wanted to wear shorts to school as we pulled up, and she said, “No. It’s pretty cold out.” Pride welled within me. (Seriously.)

As I drove home I was thinking ‘Ha, I’m probably the best parent in the entire world, suck it haters!’ (Conveniently ignoring the other 95% of kids who weren’t wearing shorts, but still…)

Then I wondered if the kids were even doing it on purpose. Maybe they got a B on their midterm grades and their parents were like, “OK, Mr. B-in-Common-Core-Math, we’re just going to donate all your winter clothes to charity now. You can wear shorts all winter,” and the kid is like, “No, not charity! Primary parent and/or second parent, I swear I will try harder going forward! You know how much I hate hypothermia!” and the parents are like, “You should have thought of that when you were coming up all those crazy number families for your fact arrays. Now go draw some integer circles and think about what you did. ”

And then that kid grew up to be president or something, but I still feel bad for him now.