Shadow Day

My kid is doing a “shadow day” at a high school she’s thinking of going to next year, she’ll follow some kid around, I assume in complete silence and staying in poorly-lit parts of each room, to get a feel for what a typical day is like there.

I told her that when they come to meet her, when they say, “Walk this way,” she needs to try to walk with exactly the same gait as the other person does since a shadow would move the same way as the person it’s attached to.

She disagreed and said that if she really was fulfilling the role of a shadow, she’d have to lay on her back and try to scoot after the person along the polished floors, which was actually pretty funny. I said she’d better hope the light isn’t behind the other person because then she’d have to lay in front of them and scoot away from them as they walked and that would be even more awkward.

(We don’t have trouble amusing ourselves when we’re waiting for things. Also, I’ve heard the word “shadow” like 80 or 90 times over the last couple days, and it’s starting to sound kind of weird when I hear it, and I may hold my hands up like vaguely menacing cat claws when I say “shadow” from now on. Also, it looks like it should be pronounced “shuh-DOW” when you look at it long enough.)