Seriously, who hates the sun?

My daughter isn’t tall enough for the sun visors in our car to block the sun from her face in the morning, and I’ve been teasing her about her hatred of the sun.

(It’s a huge overstatement to say she literally hates the sun, at least all the time, but you can’t hear someone say “I hate the sun” without it catching your attention.)

Last night I had a dream where I was joking with someone about how my daughter doesn’t like the sun. They mentioned an app that could teach anyone to not like the sun, and I was skeptical. They loaded the app for me, and it was in like Google Glass or something because every time I looked up toward the sun, the sun would be transformed into this terrifying shape sort of like a Greek Spartan helmet but with a terrifying sci-fi halo and weird black embers shooting out of it and this scary sci-fi sound would play.

If I tipped the glasses-thing down and looked at the sun directly again, normal as expected, but if I looked through the Google Glasses thing again, back to Jungian-archetype scary again.

I was a little scared of the sun this morning. Also, I might have a great Google Glass app idea.