Nuffin but Croissants

After waking with the sun, I went back to sleep for a bit. I had a quick dream about a mall, but sort of a lower ceiling, twisty, mood-lit mall with nothing but breakfast and coffee shops. I stopped at a popular looking placed called Nuffin but Croissants, I’ve wanted a croissant for weeks and just haven’t ever been around one at the right time or place so it wasn’t surprising. You could review their goods in a glass counter but the meal was a sitdown affair and they were doing booming Sunday morning type business. The decor was pretty coffee-shoppy, Italian colors and a lot of natural light.

When you were seated, there was already a big bowl of cafe au lait waiting for you at your little round glasstop table, and a basket of various mini croissants while you went over the menu. Then you’d pick a ‘main course’ croissant from a small selection – the one I picked up was suspiciously similar to whatever I get at Santa Fe Baking Company when I’m there, which isn’t a bad thing. Then as you reviewed your bill, you’d get a little pain au chocolat.

Strangely enough, I awoke feeling like I wanted eggs for breakfast.

(I guess I always want croissant and almost never get it so my brainhole just skipped to a more likely option. And I don’t know why so many of my dreams are about malls or sprawling indoor shopping environments. I’ve barely stepped foot in a mall for decades.)