Not just for breakfast any more

You ever go in the corner of the kitchen where the breakfast cereal is and when you’re assessing the cereal inventory you spot a huge paper container filled with Goldfish Crackers that are supposed go in the kid’s lunch, and you’re thinking, Hey, I’ve got a bowl in my hand and milk next to me, and you notice that Goldfish Cracker container is shaped like a giant paper milk container and is ideally designed for pouring into a cereal bowl and is filled with bite sized nuggets that are meaningfully similar to the size and shape of breakfast cereal?

I mean, I totally wouldn’t do that myself–that would be just weird–I’m just saying it wouldn’t be a totally surprising if someone, ever, had poured a bowl of Goldfish Crackers and ate them with milk at breakfast time to see what happened.

Anyway, I have to go in the kitchen now for reasons totally unrelated to Goldfish Crackers, because who would keep that crap around anyway? I, uh, mean reasons unrelated to cereal, which I also wouldn’t ever keep around. (cough)