Never a dull moment

I just drove to the little gas station to fill the car up for my wife, she’s leaving early tomorrow, I figured it would be quick and easy to just do it today. When I got to the first stop sign, this old woman in a late 80s Cadillac did this Starsky and Hutch spinout turn toward me, never slowing down for the four way stop and never taking the phone from her face. If she hadn’t jerked back into her lane at the last second, she would have run into me head on at 40 or so miles per hour. In the rearview I saw her pull over for some reason, still on the phone.

I was a little edgy when I got to the gas station. When I got out and walked around the car, I noticed the woman across from me was yammering away on her phone and letting her 9 year old daughter pump the gas. Then I noticed the person in front of her and next to her were both on their phones as well. I got ready to start pumping, and I realized the guy on the other side of my pump had kept his big diesel flatbed still running while he was pumping. Then I noticed he was smoking at the same time. Then I noticed him on the phone as well.

I guess someone could have handed out 4th of July sparklers or spun burning poi pots while they were pumping, but damn, people.