must be for halloween

There was an old couple walking into the grocery store in front of me. Near the front entrance, they stopped cold in front of a big display of pumpkins and colorful autumn gourds that were arranged on top of some hay bales, you can probably picture it.

The display was surrounded by ceramic black cats and jack-o-lanterns and there was a small scarecrow propped up in the back row.

I watched them silently stare for at least 10 seconds, then the man said, “Huh. Must be for Halloween.” There was another pause, and she said “Huh” back. One more pause, shorter this time, then they turned and went into the grocery store side by side. They’d wheeled a shopping cart with them that they’d found near their car or something.

For a few blessed moments, my mind went completely silent as way too many questions collided in my brainhole trying to get out at the same time. It didn’t last long but sometimes I really enjoy those moments.

Now I’m scared I’m going to do this on purpose for the rest of my life for every holiday display in every store I ever go to again. “Huh. Must be for Valentine’s day.”