A lone coyote howls outside, plaintive. I wake up. More coyotes join, yipping and howling, and I listen for just a moment before my own dogs start doing muffled half-asleep barks that sound like “moof.” The coyote sounds trouble them, but they refuse to budge off the bed.

The chihuahua really doesn’t want to get up yet and makes a grumpy sound that would be a growl if it was coming from an actual dog. Her warning is meant to stifle the moof-barking happening elsewhere in the room, but it has the reverse effect and the dogs jump up, fully awake and eager to protect her. The dogs and the chihuahua spontaneously unite in an incautious cakewalk around the bed – which, notably, contains no coyotes at all – stomping on half-asleep humans and moofing hollow warnings to the unaware coyotes outside. The monochromatic Pink Floyd laser show as their paws create static electricity sparks on the blankets is impressive.

I guess the day has started.