Maybe if you just push harder

You know that thing where you’re trying to cut nectarine slices and even though you’ve got a sharp knife and you’re pushing really hard, it just won’t cut so you put more and more of your weight on it and really determine that this effing piece of fruit isn’t going to beat you, but once you’re REALLY leaning on it and it finally does cut, you realize that the resistance was your thumb, which was in the way the whole time and then you’re like “AAAAOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” and you’re afraid to look at your thumb because you’re certain you’ve severed the whole end and you just grasp it firmly to staunch what must be massive bleeding even though you haven’t seen anything yet, but when you finally check it, it’s just a little cut through the back of the thumbnail and it’s barely bleeding at all but it still hurts plenty?

Well, I don’t like that thing.