Life with dogs…

So the sleep portion of last night didn’t go terribly well, but then again, I got to test just how strong my Princess and the Pea game has gotten.

Like I’ll roll over, feel some things poking into me, and without a thought I can go, “That feels like two tiny rocks the chihuahua hid in the blankets to save for later, and there’s also a single wooden shard from a Dixon Ticonderoga #2 pencil that was definitely not there when I went to bed, so it seems that Molly has been up and about.” (Molly is a dog. No, I didn’t pick her name.)

It’s barely the laying-on-things that wakes me up, it’s more the wondering where Molly found a Dixon Ticonderoga, and where the rest of it went, and whether I can live with it for the time being or I should wake the rest of the way up to take care of it because maybe it’s poking some pressure point that will make my autoimmune system stop working.