Lava lamps

After seeing one in a recording studio a couple of weeks ago, I decided I finally needed a lava lamp. I found a cheap one online, it arrived Wednesday, and we set it up last night.

They take a long time to warm up, so we didn’t see much hot lava-on-lava action yesterday. This morning, it was fully warmed up and before we did much of anything else, my daughter and I stared in fascination at the slowly moving yellow globs.

She said, “It looks like they’re playing…”

I said, “Yeah, it’s kind of like a doggie daycare but for egg yolks.”

You know, like if you dropped your egg yolk off somewhere while you were at work so it could get some play time and socialization with other egg yolks. Because the blobs look a lot like egg yolks.

She lifted an eyebrow at me, scrunched her mouth to one side, and then went wordlessly back to her breakfast.