Late night internal dialogue

Self: Man, there’s sure a lot to do over the next couple days.
Self: That’s OK, hang in there. It’ll get done.
Self: I know, but I just kind of wish there was a little break coming up.
Self: THERE ARE NO BREAKS. Just keep going, it’ll be fine.
Self: Yeah, I know, I know. I’m just tired…
Self: Well, you’re still in bed. Sleep.
Self: I can’t sleep, I have a lot of stuff to do.
Self: Well get up then. You’ll be fine once you’re up.
Self: A little later, I’m not ready to get up yet. I also kind of want an apple.
Self: I thought you wanted sleep. And a break.
Self: Well now I also want an apple. Kind of.
Self: THERE ARE NO APPLES. Either sleep or get up and get your shit done.
Self: There are totally apples. I bought two kinds yesterday.
Self: Oh, yeah, that’s right. Well, have an apple then.
Self: I’m not getting up yet. I’m still tired.
Self: Whatever. Have an apple, don’t have an apple.
Self: Listen, I’m not getting up early to have an apple. I’ll have an apple when I’m ready for an apple.
Self: You’re the one who brought up the apples.
Self: Ugh, this is why I need a break.
Self: sigh…