Last night’s sleep as an illustrated novel

If someone was going to make an illustrated novel about last night’s sleep, it would be like:

– for the first 7 or 8 pages, just different drawings of a crowded bed of people and dogs just sleeping in different positions

– on about page 8, it’d be a full page illustration with a drawing of a single dog face head-to-head with a terror-stricken human male face with bags under his eyes, and the top half the page would be covered with a sharp-edged talk bubble filled with whatever Batman-style onomatopoeic word describes a massive middle-of-night dog sneeze, like >ZAF!< or FFAWWfff!!! because a massive dog sneeze jarred that guy out of sleep.

– then there’d be maybe 3 pages of drawings with a bunch of dogs and one person all asleep and snoring and kicking, and the guy would be obviously tossing and turning and have thought bubbles over his head with lowercase musings ending with ellipses, like “ugh…” and “mesopotamia…” and “taxes…” and “miles standish…” and things like that

– then on page 14 or so, it’d be another full page drawing, where the human male was hovering over the bed a foot or so with his hair sticking straight up because the dog right next to him had panic-barked into his head right after he’d finally gone back to sleep, and behind them would be a star shaped talk bubble with a Batman-style onomatopoeic word for barking like *GWAK!!!* or HERRRNFK!

– it would go on like that for a while