I’ll just take my severance check and leave quietly, if you don’t mind

The colder weather has made the dogs really crowd me at night, and with the fans off and such, every noise outside makes them edgy, and sleep is not going well. But I get weird, vivid dreams again, the memory starts to fade not long after I get up but I still remember a couple through the morning.

Like in one of them, a school I taught at decided not to re-hire me. But rather than just tell me, they hired a short, thin, androgynous Peruvian dancer to kill me. He/she was a follower of a deity that sounded something like Teotihuacan but started with “taca” or something, and over tight black leggings they wore bright striped blankets and feathers and a Clockwork Orange derby cast a shadow over just their eyes, and they were always smiling. He/she had to give a series of public performances where the audience would would gather in a circle around them, and at one point in the dance, they were supposed to kill me with their rustic looking wooden clogs tipped with sharp daggers that had been coated with sinister looking frog poison. But I knew it was coming, so every time the moment was coming up, I’d enter the dance circle and do something goofy like a ballroom spin or breakdance move to disrupt it, and it would break the moment and he/she couldn’t finish because there was a specific ritual that had to be followed.

Then I’d hide in the guts of the building with cool, spooky pipes and blinky fluorescent industrial lighting and dangling wires while other school employees tried to find me and be rid of me in more traditional ways, but I managed to evade them every time. Then I’d show up in the crowd for the next dance performance and do the whole thing over again. I don’t know why I kept going to the performances instead of getting away from a bunch of people who were united in their preference to kill me.