I never do that

You ever see, like, a fake-flower hair clip that your kid has been wearing recently, so you pick it up and clip it into your hair so she’ll laugh a little and roll her eyes when she comes back in, and then you forget about it and go outside to, say, vacuum out your car and subsequently forget all about it, and then when the wind gusts a little, you realize there’s something sitting on your head, and when you go to brush it off IT WON’T LET GO (because it’s a hair clip and it’s not meant to), so you quickly panic-brush it out of your hair just in case it’s a giant moth laying eggs on your head or something, and when it finally comes out, still grasping a couple of your increasingly-common white hairs, you remember what it was and chuckle a little, but instead of putting it back in your hair, you just drop it back off where you first found it?

Because I don’t ever do that.