I have identified my power

After 20 hours of driving over the last couple days and a pleasant but shortish night of sleep in a hotel in downtown Indianapolis, I’m up an hour early so I don’t have to hear the alarm go off in an hour. (It’s a stupid power, but Wakes Up Before Any Alarm Clock Man has a spot waiting for him on any super hero team out there, seriously.) Road trips always teach me things. Since I’m not sleeping anyway, here is few happy fun idea for auspicious sound check a little later:

– If you want to find the slowest road in any city, look for streets with “Expressway” in the name.
– There is a chain of gas stations in the midwest called Kum and Go.
– We didn’t have any, but “happy meals” don’t seem to make anyone, anywhere, happy.
– Krispy Kremes are neither Krisp nor Kremey.
– People drive sort of the same everywhere you go. This is mostly not a good thing.
– Oh yeah, turnpikes.

All right, off to start another day, I need to go try this “Continental breakfast” I’ve heard so much about.