Going fishing

I was picking up a few things at the supermarket for dinner, and one of my items was a tray of supermarket sushi that had caught my eye.

The old guy behind me in line said, “GOING FISHING? HAW HAW HAW!!!!” I actually wasn’t going fishing, so I wasn’t sure what he meant at first. Then my mind was like, Ohhhh, it’s because sushi contains raw fish and he’s making a joke about me eating bait.

I get jokes.

I turned to see who was speaking to me, as is common in polite company, and he had a big smile on his face and looked me straight in the eyes. I wasn’t actually mad or anything, but don’t think I had friendly look on my face. The people behind him saw me turn around and all turned away in different directions to avoid me looking at them. I tried to smile, and judging from the reactions of everyone in line, including the old guy smiling at me, it didn’t go very well.


So in a quiet voice, and through my forced smile, I said, “We all go fishing eventually, don’t we?”

I don’t know what it meant, my brain just said it.

The old guy’s smile froze and then started to fade, and he kind of broke eye contact and looked away. The guy behind him coughed once uncomfortably. Everyone else seemed to magically get some kind of incoming message on their phones at the same time.

I turned back around, repeating the phrase in my head to try to understand it, and quickly paid up and got my Albertson’s Monopoly pieces. As I quietly left I was still repeating the phrase in my head to try to understand where it came from or what it meant. Also, I might not eventually go fishing.