Drop and give me ZwENty

When I was picking up my daughter, there was a woman engaged in a conversation in front of me and she had on gym clothes featuring a tank top that said “Drop and give me ZEN.”

I liked the idea, like, “Ha, they wrote Zen instead of Ten,” but I realized I had no idea how you’d actually do it. (I briefly wondered if anyone has ever been asked to drop and do a mere ten pushups. In practice, I’ve only heard twenty and up.) But like maybe you’d fall over and stare at the sky and try to make your pupils big or something. I figured that was bound to attract the wrong kind of attention, especially at K-8 school pickup, so I didn’t react in any way and my mind was appropriately free of further ideas.

Eventually I also thought about trying to clap with one hand like Bart Simpson did in one old Simpsons episode, but probably nobody would have grokked that either.

Then my kid came out. I grabbed her trumpet from her, asked her how her day was, and we left. Which was probably pretty zen, albeit without the dropping part.