Dreaming I’m awake

Ugh, I’ve started dreaming that I can’t sleep again. I did this for months back in NY/NJ and it took quite a while for me to catch on, a giant goldfish swam through the room or something and the ruse was up for a while.

The first time I caught it last night, my kid had been coming into my bedroom while I was trying to sleep and complaining she couldn’t sleep, she’d keep showing up just as I was finally about to get back to sleep again. I finally told her to just go upstairs to the extra bedroom, maybe that would be more comfortable. She was reluctant, but I told her I’d go with her until she fell asleep. As we arrived upstairs, I realized, oh yeah, I live in a one story house and there’s no upstairs bedroom. Back in this version of reality my kid was blissfully asleep all night and I made the whole thing up, I don’t think she’s done the “I can’t sleep” thing for 4 or 5 years.

The second time was harder to catch. I was laying uncomfortably in my bed, pinned down as usual by my 5 dogs and trying to twist my body into a slightly less runish shape. Then I realized, wait, I don’t have 5 dogs, and I completely woke up still surrounded by canines but not nearly as twisted as I’d dreamed and actually pretty comfortable.

So at least some of the time I must be sleeping more than I think I do. I’m left with the unsettling idea that I’m going to discover some other weird glitch and realize I’m in another dream, but that’s partly just because I’m pretty tired… I’ve heard of sleepwalking and sleep talking, I don’t know anyone else who does sleep not-sleeping.