Damn you, autocorrect… er, cruise control

Anette laughed for a second because she got a work text that had autocorrected to “hokey donkey” instead of “hokey dokey.” I was reading an article on the rapidly arriving future of self-driving cars at exactly the same time.

I had this quick flash where I thought of all the current clickbait stories about “22 Most Hilarious Autocorrects” and my brain fastforwarded to the inevitable “15 Funniest Autodriving Moments (You Won’t Believe #7)” of the near future, where there’s a picture of family with smoking cartoon-explosion hair and torn plaid shirts all hanging in the branches of a tree with a smoking egg-shaped car cracked open beneath them, also smoking.

In the photo they’re smiling sheepishly like people in infomercials who just got caught burning up socks in their toaster yet again. Because hilarious clickbait stories about self-driving cars will be like A-Team episodes, like Mr T always brought tons of enjoyable carnage but they never showed anything fatal, even when they were in bazooka duel or a landmine-frisbee fight or something.

Hokey donkey.