Crow call

My daughter has been fascinated by crows and ravens for a long time and she even recently got a crow call from the Big 5.

We walked to school again this morning, and there were crows and ravens everywhere and she was complaining that she should have brought it along. I told her we should just try to use what we have with us because in life, you might not always have your “crow call” with you and you have to figure something out anyway.

She was curious what I meant, so I held my hands up to my face, cupped them together, and tried to call the raven watching us from a nearby tree.

She said, “Are you just yelling the word CROW into your hands?”

I said, Well, yeah. She shook her head and said, “Wow.”

I could tell from the little smile on her face that she actually thought it was pretty funny.

Then some woman pushing a baby said to us, “That cello doesn’t look like the easiest thing to carry,” and Sydney agreed.

I told her that it would have been funnier if she’d yelled something like NOBODY SAID YOU COULD TALK ABOUT MY CELLO and ran off, and she agreed with that too. A few yards (meters?) later, I hugged her and turned back home. Good times.