Brain to the rescue. Eventually.

I misplaced my car keys after I got home from a gig during a crazy week not long ago. I figured since I was dead tired when I got home I had just put them somewhere stupid and they’d turn up quickly, but nothing.

I knew they were here somewhere because I had gotten home from the gig, but they were in none of the usual places, and none of the unusual places I could think of. I’d emptied my closet, dumped out bags of wires and gear, gone under every bed and behind every nightstand, nothing. I’d tried everything except cleaning my office, and I was even considering that.

In the middle of the night last night, I had the thought, “You should look in the sofa cushions.” I’ve never lost anything in a sofa other than coins and the occasional TV remote as far as I can remember, and definitely nothing in this one. I just forgot about it and tried to go back to sleep, but the thought came back to me a few minutes ago and I figured what the heck. As I moved the second sofa cushion, the keys were right there.

On one hand, thanks, brain! On the other hand, you really made me wait 2 weeks before giving it up? Thanks, brain. Anyway, yay keys.