LupeI was dropping my 2 girl dogs off at the vet this morning for their appointment to be fixed.  Molly, our pit mix, pulled out of her collar and walked away from me. Not a big deal, she’s not exactly Cujo, but I still wanted to get the collar back on her so I could control her just in case someone else came in or opened a door or whatever.

While I was grabbing Molly I dropped the leash of the other dog. As I wrangled Molly’s collar back on, Lupé the chihuahua casually walked through the gate to the reception area, looked around for a minute and took a dump on the floor under the secretaries. The guy behind the counter who dropped to his hands and knees to try to extract her from underneath their desk are mumbled, “At least it wasn’t on the carpet.” He basically shrugged and just started to take care of it.

Nobody looked happy about it, and three people dove on it with alcohol wipes and paper towels and disinfecting spray. But they were nice about it and said stuff like, “Oh, don’t worry about it,” and, “This is a veterinary hospital! That happens all the time.” I was still really embarrassed but I felt a little better.

As I waited with the dogs in one of the seating areas, I sat in a corner that was kind of sheltered from everything by racks of dog and cat food so the girls might be a little calmer. I couldn’t see the front desk and they couldn’t see me and evidently they forgot I was there because I heard someone whose voice I didn’t recognize say, “Oh. My. God. It smells like SHIT in here!” (mumble mumble words explaining dog incident mumble) “Jeez, what kind of dog was it?” (mumble mumble explanation mumble) “A CHIHUAHUA?! That’s from a CHIHUAHUA?! Wowwwww…” (mumble something mumble mumble) “Yeah, I know. But still!”

Then I heard a drawer slam followed by the sound of a spray can. The air immediately smelled fresher. Berry something. It kept on spraying for like 45 seconds. “Fsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss” without any break. I was still embarrassed, but I couldn’t help laughing a little.