A realer (?) compliment

I don’t really get complimented much on music, ever. Which is fine, I’m not fishing for anything, and I sort of walked away from the compliment-drawing world when I moved toward being a jazz musician anyway. Heh…

Just read one of the nicer things I’ve seen written about me on Peter Breslin’s blog, Stochasiticactus, and I don’t know if he or Dave Wayne wrote it, but in a description of Dave’s recent projects, I’m referred to as “the jaw-droppingly great keyboardist Robert Muller.” That’s one for the archives.

One of the only other ones that’s stuck in my mind was an email from a stranger that described a piece of music I’d done as “a mindblowing landscape of funk,” I’ll probably have that put on my business cards at some point like when Wile E. Coyote puts “genius” on his.