A Night and Morning in the Life of a Kangaroo Rat

Scene 1: sunset

Kangaroo rat: Well, I guess it’s time to hop around like a tiny kangaroo and then eat some stuff under the hood of that mf’ing Mazda over there. Tra la la la la!

(hops like kangaroo toward delicious family vehicle)

Kangaroo rat: Wait, what’s this? Free peanut butter in a shiny, see-through room? I’ve GOT to see this.

Cage slams. Kangaroo rat experiences both terror from the confusion of being captured and joy from the delicious peanut butter.

Kangaroo rat: AAAAAGHHGH, this unexpected confinement is terrifying! Mmmm… peanut butter…

Scene 2: morning

Sun rises. Gigantic pale human with glasses and messy hair thunders up to cage. Rat circles cage desperately. Cage rises into air and settles into dark confines of car. Car speeds off. Rat experiences both terror and exhilaration from the new experience of riding in a car.

Kangaroo rat: AAAAIGHHGHA!! Wheeeee! I am both terrified and exhilarated from the new experience of riding in this car!

Car stops, cage settles on the ground. Cage door opens. Rat reluctantly leaves cage and hops away like a tiny kangaroo. Finds a dark place to sleep. One leg kicks while dreaming of delicious peanut butter.