A new holiday poem

‘Twas some weeks after Christmas and all through the dwelling
Lots of creatures are stirring, causing cranial swelling.
The Dane is pinned down under blankets by dogs,
Who moof quiet warnings while sleeping like logs.
The geckos are silent but the fish tank is bubbling.
My kid tosses and groans like her dreams are quite troubling.
The bird wakes up some when I go get some water,
But he’ll go back to sleep, just like I oughter.
Dust zaps in my office in those ionizer things,
Hard drives creak backups, incoming email bings.
So I go check my Gmail–a bad instinct at best–
But no work has come in so that won’t harm my rest.
I should go back to bed, but now there’s no place;
The dogs have spread out like dark matter in space.
The Chihuahua will growl when I try to go back,
She forgets things in minutes like she’s used too much crack.
She’ll stop pretty quickly, she’s actually nice,
But it’ll stir up the others, so I have to think twice.
The canines will groan when I carve a small space
On the bed, where I’ll lay, wide awake. I should face
That tomorrow’s today, it’s already been long.
I’m tired. The end. Needs more words… uh, ding dong.