Knock Knock

  • March 11, 2015

I just got some new shoes that have fairly thick soles, and they make me a bit taller than I’m used to. I’m an even 6’0” to begin with so it’s kind of unfamiliar to notice the extra height since I’m already usually with the taller half of people in a room. Being a bit taller was an interesting enough…

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Locust trees

  • June 5, 2014

One of the best unexpected discoveries about the house we live in was the cluster of locust trees out back. We didn't know what we were in for in our first spring, and didn't know what they were called for the first year or two. For roughly one glorious week in late May or early June, the trees they originally…

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Garbage Warrior: If you like other movies, you might like this one, too.

  • January 15, 2009



I’m lucky in so many ways to live in New Mexico. I mean, it’s not blind, dumb luck, it’s the kind of luck I sought out and it actually turned out to have been worth looking for. One very cool thing about New Mexico that not everyone knows about is Michael Reynolds, the innovative architect who creates Earthship communities up in Taos. If you don’t know about Earthships, he’s got a pretty comprehensive website on them. They’re handmade, self sustaining homes made out of recycled materials. They create their own electricity, cache their own water, and maintain an internal temperature in the 70s all year without any heating or cooling systems other than windows and walls. They’re wonderfully eccentric, with spires and walls with wine bottles in them that let in blue and green light and hand-molded bathtubs, and the south-facing windows are always lined with plants because they cleanse the air, the filter out UV rays, they and provide food, and their roots help cleanse the greywater. It’s a cool setup.

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Obama’s inaugural dinner will model Abraham Lincoln’s. And they posted the recipes!

  • January 10, 2009

250px-newmexicochilesI just read an article on ABC News’s website that described the great efforts the inaugural committee was putting into emulating what the 16th president served at his own, right down to the china patterns. It’s not the kind of article I usually come across, much less read, I’m all hung up on “real issues” and “substance” and stuff, but this one caught my eye for some reason. I won’t recap it, it’s concise and well written if anyone’s interested. 

What I thought was cool was that the inaugural staff has not only posted the menu itself, probably as expected, but also the recipes! I’m probably not going to make me any pheasant any time soon – you really ought to hunt your own if you’re going to eat pheasant, and I’m not going to hunt my own –  but I’m pretty tempted to scale down that seafood stew/puff pastry recipe my damn self. (The recipe calls for 6 Maine Lobster tails. I’m thinking of a quantity that is more in the zero-to-one lobster tail range.) My kid will probably make “that face” at me if I offer her some, she’s not big on seafood or creamy soups, but if it’s good enough for the leader of the free world (am I supposed to capitalize some of that?), it’s durned well good enough for my family. No matter. More for the grownups.

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