Robert Muller is a pianist from Portland, Oregon, with a experience ranging from smokey bars to international music festivals. A freewheeling and exuberant improviser, he's know for a distinctly modern approach informed as much by funk as by traditional jazz and Western classics.
Kodama Trio debut CD
He's also a supportive sideman and competent music director who can use his broad experience to bring out the best in those around him.
He studied closely with Blue Note jazz great Dr. Andrew Hill at Portland State University for several years and performed extensively on the West coast doing everyone from local jazz gigs to touring with a Shriner's Circus, to sideman work for various Persian pop artists. He moved to New York City in the early 90's and became active in the downtown music scene with his own trio Timefly. Robert appeared on MTV2 with underground hip hop artist Pete Miser and performed regularly with several original music projects at venues like SOB's, The Knitting Factory, The Blue Note, and Studio 54.
After moving to Santa Fe, New Mexico some ten years later, he immediately started to do studio work and performances with Grammy-winning guitarist Larry Mitchell on multiple songs and albums for various artists, including NAMMY winning singer and songwriter Shelley Morningsong. He co-leads the modern jazz project Kodama Trio, who just received two 2016 New Mexico Music Awards for Best Jazz CD and Best Jazz Single (a song Robert wrote called Milespost 22) for their eponymous debut album. Robert is also a frequent sideman and collaborator with Mvskoke poet/author/musician Joy Harjo, not just in New Mexico but in venues and festivals as far-flung as Alaska, Tulsa, and the Public Theater in New York City. In 2015 he performed at NAMM in special events featuring artists that included Jeff "Skunk" Baxter, Larry Mitchell, and Steve Morse, and in April of 2016 he was the music director for a tribute honoring bassist Nathan East as part of the 2016 New Mexico Film and Music Experience where he led a New Mexico-based all star tribute band as well as backing up the East family's performance.
Robert worked as an adjunct professor of music in the Santa Fe University of Art and Design's (formerly College of Santa Fe) thriving Contemporary Music Program from 2013-2016. He uses music gear from companies including Yamaha, Nord, Kawai Pianos, Korg, Roland, Novation, Universal Support Systems, Apple, Event Audio, Ultimate Ears, and Ableton, in addition to vintage keyboards like the Fender Rhodes, Hohner Clavinet and various organs.
2016 update: I'm working on a new Facebook page for posting events and such, more people seem to check there than just plain 'ol websites. I'll have links very soon, thanks!

Some of the people and groups I have performed with:

Larry Mitchell
Nathan East
Windup Birds
Robert Mirabal
Stephanie Hatfield
Steve Morse
Jeff “Skunk” Baxter
Brian Hardgroove / Impulse Groove Foundation
Joy Harjo
Shelly Morningsong
Steve Lacy
Gary Barrone
Jane Ira Bloom
Alex Alexander
Rumble Trio
Nathan Hanson
Federico Ughi
James East
Elliot Umberto Kavee
Phil Arnold
Hiram Bullock
Dave Liebman
Eddie Gomez
Roberto “Fats” Fernandez
John Kurzweg
Tiho Dimitrov
Greg Phillinganes
Man No Sober
Maya Azucena
Maria Christensen
Leroy Vinegar
Dan Balmer
Akbar DePriest
Christian Pincock
Eric Kalb
Brilliant Coroners
Fro a/k/a Harold Davis Jr.
James East
Eric Udell
David Murray
J.Q. Whitcomb

Some of the people and groups I have recorded with:

Pete Miser
Joy Harjo
Jenny Georing
Larry Mitchell
Kathleen Sabo
JJ Otero / JJ and the Anthropologists
Shelly Morningsong
Shunnae Love
Mushi Trio
Kodama Trio
Arne Bey / Prana Trio
Paula Rhae McDonald
Brian Hardgroove
Steve Klenke
Christian Pincock
DJ Gone Beyond
Brendan & the Extenuating Circumstances
Chase Morrison



"Despite the obviously cooperative nature of the trio, Muller's piano dominates throughout. A percussive, muscular player in the mold of McCoy Tyner, he's a remarkable soloist with a wealth of rhythmic and melodic ideas and a yen for dark and gnarly harmonies."
Kodama Trio CD Review (

"Muller brings a spritely, spiky energy that contrasts nicely with the mellower qualities of tuba and ’bone. His adventurous, muscular solos incorporate elements from bebop to funk, with touches of hip-hop attitude. "
Christian Pincock CD Review (

"There are proggy elements at play that present a more rock ’n’ roll sensibility than many might think when they hear the qualifier “jazz” and if nothing else, these guys are all f*cking bonkers when it comes to musicianship. "
Mushi Trio Review (Santa Fe Reporter)

"The piano player is just ... so hyper-musical, like kind of jazz-based. He's a student of Andrew Hill. He's so out that he goes into the anti-music zone, you know what I mean?

Cosmik: Playing off someone who's in that frame of mind must be kind of inspirational for you.

Pete: Yeah, it's dope. "
Pete Miser Interview (Cosmik Debris)



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